Uninstall Direct X 11 form Win 7 32 bits

Direct X 11 is install on my pc because I have Win 7 but my GTX 260 only support 10.1 max. How can I uninstall Direct X from my computer to install direct X 10 And also.. where I can find Direct X 10 For Win 7 32 bits
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  1. Leave DirectX 11 installed. It will use those features that your cards supports, and ignore those that it does not. You do not need DirectX 10.
  2. try to Play AC brotherhood but encounter black screen and I try everything except change my version of Direct X to 10 because it say 11 on Dxdiag but have a gtx 260 that doesn't support dx11
  3. The GTX 200-series GPUs are not DirectX 11 compliant due to a lack of Shader Model 5.0 support and geometric tessellation hardware
  4. GTX 260 only can do DX10. It must be reading that your OS has DX11, which it does.
  5. DirectX 11 is backwards compatible with 10 and 9. It should work fine with a 10.1 card. I had no problem with several games when I had a DirectX 9 card running on Windows 7 with DirectX 11.

    But there do seem to be known problems with that game/card combination. I saw one report of the same problem with DirectX 9 installed, so I'm pretty sure that the DirectX version isn't the problem.
  6. So.. what could it be? Try disable all features in AC brotherhood, Update all my drivers, set the core affinity to 1 and 2, try in run as admin, compatibility, try everything and that game still do Black screen when playing... Don't know what to do next... All my game work fine. (Run crysis hahah) but seriously, that game start to getting on my nerve!
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