good psu for 7600GT AGP?

tell me the watts and amps please.
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  1. Most decent PSUs should handle that. What are the rest of your system specs? Try the PSU calculator listed in the PSU 101/102 sticky (and read it if you haven't).

  2. well i just got Hiper Power 350W ATX 12V. so is that good then?
  3. To give you a definitive answer, we'll need the rest of your system specs:
    # of HDD's
    # of optical drives
    Motherboard would be nice
    Amount of RAM (not really necessary)
    # of additional cards

    In general I would say that 350W is not enough for today's or even a two year old system with that card. I would be shooting for 450W with at least 30A on the 12V line, if not a bit more. Again though that's a shot in the dark without knowing what your system spec's are, it could even be higher.
  4. well my computer is not in the house at the moment so i cant give you specs.

    stupid insurance company has it for weeks now and they say there is nothing wrong, and just a software problem. the dam computer keeps rebooting out of nowere. it all happened after i dropped the desktop by accident. so when it comes back ill let you know.

    bye for now
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