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hallo People,

i have a problem that is i have to install round about 6 programs on 10 xp pcs, is there a way to burn the 6 programs on a cd so that when i put the cd in the xp pcs it will start to install the 6programs

best regards tony
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  1. The short answer is yes, search on "autorun.inf" for more details.

    The longer answer is yes, but only if not more than one of your programs needs a reboot after installation, if autorun is not disabled, and none of the software has CD based copy protection.
  2. You can create .msi setups from the programs that you can run unattended, quite a few programs have unattended switches you can use already built-in. Then just run a batch file to call them in order with a Wait command, that will tell the script to wait until the prior program called is finished.

    You'd have to re-build the programs using an installer building program like Wise.
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