Dell vostro 400 wont boot or let me in bios

Computer wont boot and i cannot enter the bios, i took out the cmos battery already and reset the cmos to defaults but noting, when i reboot the keyboard lights flash and then go out and the Power button light stays on blue and the bottom led is blue when I start the computer, but goes out. THE KEY BOARD EVEN MOUSE DON¨T RESPOND, ,THE COMPUTER START AND STOP BY FIRST SCREEN LOGO DELL AND SHOWS F2 SETUP F12 Boot Menu It don´t move from that screen, USB PORTS DON¨T FUNCTION, PLEASE What do i have to do to enable that , so i can enter bios and get the computer to boot
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  1. you can try plugging in a PS/2 mouse...
    it seems like its a hardware problem, and not software related...
    maybe a bad PSU. Is it the power supply that came w/ the case?
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