do I need to upgrade my GPU for good CCTV playback?

Hi, need a little advice.

I have to playback/go through 30,000+ JPEGS daily which have been recorded as part of my CCTV system. This takes forever. I have a Core 2 6600 (stock speed), 1950Pro (stock speed) and watching images saved at 1280*960 on a screen set at 1600*1200. The software I use seems to be playing it back at roughly 5fps max. It speeds up for lower res JPEGs so I imagine a better GPU would make the playback quicker.

As everybody seems to be saying the 8800GTS 320 is the card to have, do you think it would substantially improve the JPEG playback?

I am also an occasional gamer, using another monitor at 1400*900 (2 monitor setup, 1 for CCTV playback, 1 for general PC duties) for Oblivion, Half Life 2 etc., and I know it would improve those games.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. i don't believe any videocard will help. You are limited to the performance of your software.

    As for gaming at 1400x900 the gts 320mb is the real deal.
  2. It's not the software, I can explain.

    I have the Folding@home software running, if I pause it the playback speeds up, also if I use any other software it slows down, so I'd imagine the playback speed is largely hardware related. I'm running a 32bit version of XP, so the 4GB of RAM is overkill (I'm aware that 32bit OSes can't utilise the full 4GB of RAM), I don't want to change the CPU as it's the most expensive option, and I should be able to overclock in the future if need be. I have the latest ATI driver for my 1950PRO.

    I should have explained that in my first post to be fair.

    Maybe I am wrong, I'm no expert. Let me put it another way. Viewing JPEGs is a 2D process, would the 8800GTS 320 be much better than the 1950PRO?
  3. I'm a f@h user also and i have it running 24/7 at idle priority (graphical and console clients). The problem is not hardware related but any other configuration done wrong. If you set the priority at idle it should fix it. Otherwise maybe is a windows problem when addressing tasks because that pc should be no slouch. What picture viewer are u using to watch those jpegs?

    PS : for 2d (images, not video)an integrated gpu would be enough.
  4. It's a basic CCTV application called Crime Catcher. I wouldn't recommend it, technical help is almost non-existant.

    I'm not saying F@H is the problem, all I'm saying is that when I view the JPEGs with nothing else running, they seem to run at roughly 5 fps, but when I start up another application, it can slow down to 2-3 fps. When I'm not viewing these pictures, I can multi-task like there's no tomorrow. I have processor scheduling and memory usage set for programs (is this the best?), my 'Visual Effects' are set for best performance. I have a 3DMark06 score of 5560, which even though it isn't breathtaking, I believe it isn't bad for stock speeds for my hardware.

    Problem is, my elderly neighbour has been the victim of vandalism and threatening behaviour by local druggies, and we want to visually identify them, and it takes me forever and a day to trawl through all the images, any way to speed up the process would be a godsend.
  5. where are those *.jpg files stored? on Your hd or on a network device or whatever else than hd? can You batch convert the pictures to something smaller (make a proxy) and watch them instead? try installing a 2nd hd and use this as the storage for the pictures because as You have noticed F@H bogs down the one in use.

    hope this is of any help.
  6. They are stored on my 2nd HDD, like to keep them seperate from my main HDD otherwise it'll be bogged down. Each day takes about 10-15GB depending on activty.
    I don't want to convert them to an AVI or similar because I want to be able to isolate pictures with people in them, and then delete the ones without. Makes the housekeeping easier.
  7. That system should have no problem with what you are doing. Open Task Manager and check CPU utilisation. If high, check what is using the CPU. Is there any other software you could use?

  8. try making proxies - compressed copies of the images, but that would take some time though. Is that 2nd hd new or 'vintage'? have you checked for errors/defragmented?
  9. The 2nd HD is less than 6 months old, and defragged every month. Only the pictures on it anyway. Problem with making compressed copies of the images is that I'd have to go through all of them, and then when I've isolated the pictures I want to keep, I would then have to sort through the uncompressed to delete the pictures again. Ideally need to keep uncompressed pictures as they'd offer better quality when being viewed to identify the undesirables.

    If an 8800GTS 320 won't playback JPEGs faster than a x1950PRO, is there any software out there that would, whilst keeping them as JPEGs?
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