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I am trying to get an answer once and for all here. On other forums over the last year I have asked this question and never got an answer that really has worked.
I have a xp home computer in that needs to have xp reinstalled. It will not go into windows because when you get to the spot where you click on the ID to log in. As soon as you click the login id it saids it is logging off, saving settings and then goes right back to the id login screen. Nothing I have done gets past this. So I am just going to reinstall. But here is the question. The person wants their documents from my documents. So I slaved the drive to another computer and booted up. I go into the slaved drive into the user id under Docs and settings. However when I click on this persons Id it tells me access dined. I think this is because of a password. I have been told I can take ownership of this folder and then be able to open it so I can get the documents off. Everyone is always real happy to tell me to take ownership of the folder but no one is ever able to explain to me how to do this.
appreciate any explanation of how to perform this task.
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    Right-click on folder.
    Select "Properties".
    Select "Security" tab.
    Click on "Advanced".
    Select "Owner" tab.
    Tick "Replace owner on subcontainers and objects".
    Select the desired owner.
    Click on OK.

    (Checked on a Window 2000 machine, but should be the same for XP.)
    You'll need to be an Administrator to do this.
  2. ^Right steps, is the same for XP, Vista and Win 7.
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