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In addition to an RCA to USB cable between my video recorder.player and computer, what else do I need? Other hardware?

Would anyone have a tip for a reputable and cheap piece of software for this kind of copying?


Hans L
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  1. If that RCA to USB cable is actually a video capture device then no, you do not need any other hardware.

    Also, the video capture device will come with software, and I would try that first.
  2. The only RCA to USB cable I have seen is EasyCap, reveiwed here: http://gadizmo.com/easycap-usb-review.php and sold by Amazon. It has software, but some have found it unwieldy.

    Hans L
  3. If your CD/DVD recordable drive came with software it might support video capture.
  4. It was a while ago (about 2007), so I doubt it, and, in any event, I do not have any software disk left for the drive.

    I have dowloaded Golden Videos (free; http://www.nchsoftware.com/goldenvideos/index.html) and ordered EasyCap from Amazon, so we'll see. I'll report back.

    Thank you, Phil.

    Hans L
  5. I did this by using Hauppauge capture device HVR-1950. It is an external capture device and I prefer external because I want to move it from computer to computer. The software disk comes with it and you may have to update the drivers.

    The transfer is a slow process even with an i7 computer.
  6. Well, I have received my EasyCap, so I will try that first. If it does not work, I will try Hauppauge, Ubrales .


    Hans L
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