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There is a program I used on a previous computer that doesn't work now. I'm trying to find it now. But what it did was let me remotely access a web server and let me edit my web sites. It also had an option for putty. I forgot the name. Anyone have a program of some sort? Thanx
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  1. I use an FTP program like WinsockFTP to copy files to the server. Did your program just copy files to and from the server, or did it also edit them?
  2. For editing web sites, and syncing them to a server, there are a few programs that can take care of that. Dreamweaver, Microsoft has FrontPage, both of those have options to synch the work to a web server. For actual remote access to the server you need to use a program like MSTSC built into windows, VNC, PCAnywhere, etc...
  3. Thanx guys, sorry for replying so late but I found my was but thanx for the info guys! I've havent heard of some of the things you guys brought up. I'll definiteley use the info for future reference! :)
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