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Every time I start my laptop in the kitchen I have to do repair to get wireless working.It then works very good with a signal that is 4-5 on a scale of 1-5(5 best).The rest of the house I just pick up signal from 2-5 and don't loose the signal and don't have to do repair to get working.I have a clone PC (ABS) w / ATHEROS AR5001X +wireless network adapter--driver-AR5211.sys,driver version,26 Nov2003 10:32:42. I have Actiontex router (fios) that I put a --D-link ant24-0700 2.4 ghz omni-directional indoor antenna. Had to move router to 1st floor center of house to get best signal overall. Running WPA security. WHY would I have to do repair 98 % of the time ONLY in the kitchen.Kitchen is closer to signal than other rooms or backyard.
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  1. Logically the kitchen has a higher ratio of metal objects than other rooms.
    Possibly foil insulated drywall. Either will shield wireless.

    Alternatively, is there a cordless phone base in the kitchen which will interfere as it's on a similar frequency ?
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