Deleted partition recovered files how do i put these back on my pc

hi i accidently deleted my partition which had my original xp home sp 3 on i have used recuva to recover the lost files but now dont no how to get these files back onto my pc and reinstall my original xp home please can somebody give me directions i have been to local computer shops but they just want to put a brand new xp on and charge a lot i have the files so would rather just use them. thanks
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  1. You need reinstall you XP home, and download all update till SP3. After this, copy the files that you recover to your recently XP SP3 installation.
  2. how do i reinstall xp home from my documents i dont have the disk or anything i only have whats on my computer
  3. I'm not sure, but from your documents you can't install again XP home. You need a CD,DVD, USB...something with a boot.ini file to start the installation.
  4. ok if i put these files on disk how do i make it a boot.ini file thanks for your help
  5. I assume that you have the XP home in your HDD, in a folder called XP home or something like this. Just burn the folder in to a CD and boot your PC from this CD.
  6. whats HDD
  7. HDD (Hard Disk Drive). SSD (Solid Stage Disk)
  8. k thanks will try that
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