Why did that happen & what can be done?

i was band from pogo for abuse. that was thursday. all that i did was to try & enter a room to play pool and instead of a game i'm tossed out without doing a thing. what can i do?


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  2. Hi,

    If you have been banned by another website, and you are seeking to contact someone, this is not the place to do it. You need to contact Pogo directly, their customer service department, or an administrator - inform them of your issue. If you are having a technical problem, related to an application not working, etc. - then we can help you.

    Our hands are tied. No one here can tell you why you were banned from a website, because no one was here when it happened. For your reference, this is the link to the terms of service of Pogo's website. Try to view it on a different computer. http://tos.ea.com/legalapp/WEBTERMS/US/en/PC?pageSection=footer_tos
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