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i was wondering... i have an asus p4c800-e deluxe with 2 ide and 2 sata's available. can i get a 3gb/s sata drive and take advantage of the total speed or is there a revision on sata standards? i know my board is a couple years old but didnt quite know how that worked.
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  1. The P4C800 series from Asus I believe has an Intel ICH5 southbridge, which is SATA capable to only 1.5 Gb/sec. Also, I believe this chip has problems with SATA speed negotiation.

    You can get a 3 Gb/sec drive, but you will probably need to apply the jumper on the drive to force 1.5 Gb/sec operation for the drive to work properly on this motherboard.

    You will not lose any speed from the drive. The drive is not capable of anywhere near 1.5 Gb/sec sustained transfer rates anyway.
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