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Video rendering for Youtube

Hey Ive been uploading a stack of videos on youtube lately some 180p some 720 and been using sony vegas platinum 10 to render them.
Ive notice that videos I render usually being 720p are actually not as clear as others (on youtube) but are still quite large in size.
Just wanting some tips to get nice quality video but lower the sizes of the files.

The format i usually use is Sony AVC* with the 1280x720.
My last video I did was 12minutes long and 523mb, sound about right?
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    No, I think H.264 mp4 can fit 12 minute of 720p within 90 or even 45-50MB if you tweak around with vbr and the sound (use aac).

    I am not sure Sony Vegas has all the options to make that possible (haven't use it before).

    You want to reduce size to reduce upload time right?
  2. Yeah, Im sort of new to Vegas only gone briefly through the tutorials. I had a play and got it down to 350. But just found the ACC template and yep shes like 49mb now :) thanks yeaps.
  3. Dont have much experience with vegas but your much better of rendering it as somthing like an mp4 or mov and as its for youtube use something like a 3,000kbps bit rate. From what i do know of vegas it doesn't seem to have many rendering options which leads me to believe it isnt really for final output and u might b better off converting the files in something like handbrake or mediacoder. As i say i dont really know much about vegas, only ever used it once as i dont really edit videos, just convert them.
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