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Is atieclxx.exe a virus disguised as video drivers?

It doesnt say anything for the description and when I open file location, it takes me no where, is it a virus disguised as the driver?

Also, my computer started acting funny, it kept scrolling down whatever page I was on, even on my steam app.

And if the exe isn't a virus, could the constant scrolling be some kind of virus?

Thanks in advance.
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    I found it on C:\Windows\System32 and it is part of my amd card driver. Try enable hidden files as well as enable access to system protected files and see if you can access it.

    Detail on the exe (go properties>details):

    File description: AMD external event s client module
    Product name: AMD external events
    Size: 474KB

    No idea why your mouse scroll like that. Try another mouse?
  2. If you don't want it and it is a legit one, you can follow the guide here to uninstall it:
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