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was testing an old office computer this mornign and i decided to scan it for viruses (it hadnt been scanned in 7 months) and it came up with 111 threats...... i was slightly worried and checked to see what they were , all tracking cookies, what are tracking cookies? and do i need to delete them? by the way i wont be doing anything that could mess up any data, my mother has to keep the files for 3 years so, it wont be hooked up to the internet as far as i am conserned, i just wanted to see if it still worked after transport from a town half an hour away and then its also filled with dust from being under a desk for 5 years. so ar ethe cookies somethng i should be worrieing about? or are they just things that were used to track orders back when the computer was still in use?
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  1. Cookies can be deleted easily from your browser,or an app like ccleaner!
  2. no i mean do i need to?
    i can delete them straight from the ca antivirus
  3. It's best if you do, but I guess if you wont be on the internet it's not too bad, but just clean out your cookies and you should be good.
  4. Yes delete them!
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