Best Wireless Adapter for Vista x64 Ultimate?

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Question for all you guys.

I'm running Windows Vista x64 Ultimate, and playing the new release of Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. The problem is that my wireless adapter (Linksys WUSB300N) is overheating and causing the game and my internet connection to crash after about 3-4 hours of gameplay. The packet flow is massive (15k/sec incoming), so I'm not surprised that there are problems.

What Wireless adapter will be able to handle this flow constantly without crashing?

Bear in mind that I'm running Vista x64 Ultimate, as many adapters I've found do not support it.

The best one I can find so far is the Linksys WMP300N, but a couple people say that although it's Vista compatible, it's not x64. And the website ( provides little to no information about said subject.

I'm quite knowledgeable, so don't be afraid to go in depth in a reply. I need an answer as to what is the best alternative to a wired connection (which would be a heck of a hassle)
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  1. i'm having this same problem i have bought 2 wireless cards for windows vista 64 and no luck. but i would like to know this as well. sorry i wasn't helpful.
  2. I would love to know what people would recommend, I've just wasted 50 quid on a Linsys WMP300N and would highly recommend others DO NOT do the same!! I've spent nearly 4 days solid trying to get this hunk of junk to work in Vista x64 Ultimate and it will not (although some people across the inter-web claim to have done so, i'd love to know how!!)

    so can anyone tell me a PCI Wireless card will work in X64? Preferably an N-spec one as i intend to stream media accross the network.
  3. Anyone ?!?!?
  4. Linksys doesn't seem to have any proper 64 bit drivers yet. I had to throw out my old Linksys usb adapter when I upgraded. In fact, many other usb adapters don't have 64 bit support, either.

    I bought a little Belkin unit, a F5D7050 wireless G, and it works great on my 64 bit Vista machine. Most Belkins have 64 bit drivers, but you may need to download them from their site... using someone else's machine. Check the Belkin site beforehand.
  5. I have spoken with Linksys on this very problem. They told me that the only wireless adapter for 64 vista is the USB. Of course it took three phone calls to final get that answer, but by the end of the day the girl at Best Buy got to know me from all of my returns. If you ran in 32 bit you would be fine with any of there products. I am considering cutting holes in the walls and hard wiring my own network...But if someone else has something to offer please let me/us know

    Mr. N
  6. Before taking a drill to your walls, you might investigate mains plug network adapters. From all accounts they are much quicker than wireless and easy to set up.
  7. I tried TP-Link PCI WN353GD Adapter. TP-Link has drivers included in box, on their website, and their tech support even procured Realtek manufacturer's drivers for me when both of the above failed.

    In all cases, while running WinXp x64, I would get roughly 20minutes of connectivity that was abruptly ended by my wireless radio failing to recognize any networks, a roughly 1minute duration of 5sec repeated cycles of my Proc hitting 50% utilization for 1s, finally ending with the wireless manager program and the tray icon for my wireless card interface shutting themselves down. In order to recover, I would have to access my Device Manager and disable/reenable the card, then restart the wireless manager.

    This occurred with all 3 sets of drivers from TP-link and Realtek. While their cards are inexpensive and seem to function without error on Win32bit, the x64 support is lacking if you are using any application for high data flow (voip/gaming/video).

    The only information I have found on specific model numbers supporting X64 wireless is at :

    However, USB is a step back imho, and I'd rather go ethernet over power for my 64 bit systems while leaving wireless available for soft-use.

    For reference, I m running a q6600 on Ga-965p-DS3 w/ 4 gigs DDR2, all motherboard drivers and bios updates applied with x64 versions.

    Netgear and Linksys do not appear to have any x64 tried and true Wifi PCI Adapters that function 100%.

    I'd go with Fihart's idea.. ethernet over power. It's slighty more expensive for mutli-system use, but a one day cost is worth not spending 20 hours on driver support.
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