Windows XP wont install due to newer version of windows XP installed

Hello, I am trying to restore my dell computer to its original state as it has bogged down completely and i have been getting a bunch of random error messages such as error loading CTMBHA.DLL

I do not care about losing any of my data or programs, I just want it to go back to its original state

When i attempt to use the Dell OS reinstallation disc, It tells me that i have a newer version of windows XP installed, so i cannot continue with setup.

How do i erase this newer version of Windows XP, so that my system is back to factory settings.
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  1. Are you sure you don't have a Dell Recovery partition? After the Dell BIOS splash screen. hit Ctrl F11 and try to boot from the Recovery partition. If not, hit F12 and boot from the Dell Windows XP CD and format the C: drive.
  2. Dell recovery partition is not working, I have restored it from that before but it will not restore, just goes to the windows screen.

    I put the dell windows CD in and now it says that my hard drive is corrupt and it stops to prevent further damage etc.
  3. The version that you are trying to install probably doesnt have any SPs and the current version does, so it is reporting a newer version.
    You may need to get something like hirens boot cd or ultimate boot cd so you can format the partition and then it should work.

    Actually you may be able to uninstall the SPs and it should work.
  4. I recommend using something like a Ubuntu Live CD to boot into an OS (such as Ubuntu), run a partition editor (such as GParted) and format the partition. Then run the Dell OS Reinstallation CD and it should work fine.
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