How to change 3ds max rendering memory usage

I have around 5,500MB of availible memory but 3ds max only uses around 1,500MB when it is rendering is there any way i can

change this to speed up the rendering?I just upgraded my RAM from 4GB to 8GB, I have an intel i7 8 core processor (1.73GHz)

and an NVIDIA geforce 310m graphics card (with cuda), and am running Windows 7 64bit.
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  1. Only thing I can think of is to go to the task manager and let that software run on its own core(s) and set its priority to higher than normal.
  2. Ok thats what i thought since I tried adjusting the preferences. Ill try adjusting its affinity and priority and see if that will give me a speed boost.
  3. Wot rendering engine are you using, i know in vray you can set the memory limit. However the amount of memory used depends on the size of your scene. Renderi.g is more to do with the cpu, so assuming the settings are at default its just to do with your scene size and by size i mean amount of polygons lights etc. As for speed ups, it depens on the engine eg. Scanline, mental ray, vray etc
  4. If your scene only uses that much memory, assigning more memory use will make no difference. Keep in mind that a 2 GB + scene in any 3d software is going to be a very complex scene, likely involving millions of polygons and a very large frame size ( like, 1080p or higher)
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