strange sound when stress testing videocard

I am just doing my usual stress testing... and i noticed that when i open ATITOOL stress test... a weird sound comes from within my computer... sounds like polyurithane rubbing .... possibly the memory making noise? because i always see memory being advertised as low-noise.

Could it just be that? Or I am really fucking up my video card lol

Oh and my sig is my system... and my desktop resolution is 2010xXXXX
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  1. Does it also do this at 3dmark06 loading screens (between tests). I've noticed a high pitch sound coming from my PC when displaying a high number of frames, sort of like signal noise? if that's what you can call it. I think it's disturbance from high frequency refresh rates, but I can't seem to find what's actually making hte noise. I don't think it's something to worry about really, but it's quite annoying sometimes :?

    P.S I have an 8800 GTX, maybe someone else noticed this?
  2. Yes, signal noise... i believe you are right.

    Anyone else?
  3. I don't wish to sprinkle any F.U.D over yourself and morerevs but my recent and dearly departed Socket A rig had started making what can only be described as a rustling sound through the speakers when doing anything particularly CPU intensive, in it’s final weeks it took to emitting a low pitched hum from time to time.

    You might want to check on the health of your PSU’s.
  4. lol I already had suspicions of a PSU problem... whenever a PSU dies... it always does the high pitched sound. Much louder though.

    I will investigate further!
  5. I am now 100% sure it is my powersupply.

    Fuck fuck fuck


    fuck fuck


    Now to search for a warranty.
  6. Good luck mate, I hope all goes well with the transplant and your rig gives you many happy and trouble free years after the op.
  7. thanks man... here is the nail in the coffin...

    3DMARK05 - 5330 ... as you can see in my sig ... I have done better...
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