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Me and a few friends have got BE broadband for our house. The router they have is a bit rubbish so we want to get a draft-n one, since we all have draft-n cards.

I have been looking around, and i like the look of the WAG325N from Linksys. Does anyone have this router? Is it good?

However this whole area seems to be a minefield, and i would like some advice as to what is the best router to buy. Our price range is £50-£80 but we are willing to go higher if it's really good.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Draft-n isn't a ratified standard so the best advice to buy a router that's the same brand as the wireless adapter -- problem if you have several brands of adapter (or if theyre Intel as is common for laptops).

    Linksys are well regarded (as are Netgear, Dlink) and I think, as you acknowledge, you're in a grey area it would be best to stick to a big brand with decent support.
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