Rebuying/fixing (Overclock e6300-3ghz+)

Im stuck at 2.5ghz on my e6300 want to get to atleast 3ghz.
What is most important for me to upgrade and what you recommend.

Current System:
Intel E6300 - Processor
BioStar P965 - MotherBoard
BFG 7600GT - Graphics
Crosair 1G DDR2 667 - Ram
X-Finity 500W - PS

Upgrades looking at:
Patriot 2gig 800mhz - probably getting 2 for 4 gig
8800GTS 640mb (price bugs me waiting on that one to drop a lil)
Ultra 120 Cooler
Antec 900 for its cooling

should i be concernd about my powersupply? I am running a good amount off it, i have an aero cool gatewatch and 3 harddrives. Looking to get one 500gig harddrive though. i think its my Ram thats holding me back but would ike to hear what you think.

Whats your opinions?
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  1. Id say upgrade the ram, and the extra cost of 640mb 8800GTS compared to the 320mb version is not really worth it in terms of performance IMO.
  2. I'd certainly get a better quality power supply. Stay away from Ultra stuff if you want to OC.
  3. i wanted the 640mb cause i do a bit of multi-tasking and video editing thought it would make a difference at that point but yeah im thinking save some cash and getting a high end powersupply.
  4. BioStar MB...... those are trash from what I heard get a 680i or p35 MB....
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