Need A PSU For C2D Please Help

Hi There,

This IS My First Post In This Lovely Fourm, I Was Hopping That Someone Help Me With My Decision. I've Decided To Buy A New Rig Tomorrow But I 've A Question About My PSU. The New Rig Should Be Like This:

Intel C2D E6600
Gigabyte 965P-DS3 Rev 3.3 MoBo
2* 1GB Kingstone Value Ram 667
XFX Geforce 7900 GS Extreme
2* Samsung 160 GB SATA HDD ( Pulled Them From My Old Rig :lol: )
1* Asus DVD-RW
1* Sony DVD-RW ( I Can Get Rid Off If I Want )

That's It, The Question Is :

Would This Power Supply Be Sufficient ??

I'm on A Budget Right Now And This Is The Only One I Can Afford!! :?

Another Silly Question :

If I Upgraded Later To XFX 8800 GTS 320, Would It Be Enough ? Or I'm Forced To Upgrade IT Too ?

- The Thing Is Choices Are TOO Limited Here Where I Live.
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  1. It would probably run your first system you posted. As for the 8800, I have alot of doubts about it. What other power supplies are in the same price range where you live?
  2. Oh, I See.
    Thanks M8, If I Where You I Won't Even Bother Know About Crappy PSU We Have Here :wink: .
    Incase You Insist They Are :

    The Only Decent PSU Is Hec : Ace And Zepher, But I'm On Budget Right Now The Best I Can Afford Is Hec Ace Power 580w, SO I Think I'm Going To Have It, Thanks Agtain For Your Help, Can Anyone Else Approve That The 580w IS Sufficient.
  3. Never heard of any of those brands except HEC. As I said, it will power the system, but it may not run it with the 8800.
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