Mouse being controlled by someone else :S Help!

Someone keeps on taking control of my mouse at random times. I've scanned my computer with Malware Bytes and Spybot S&D but show no threats. :\
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  1. Well, I think remote desktop hides the screen when in use. It sounds like you may have a rootkit or something installed. You can try something like this:

    or if you are running XP, this:

    If it were me, I'd play it safe and wipe the drive and start from scratch.
  2. I ran Sophos and it couldnt find anything :|
  3. Odd, you don't have any remote software like VNC running do you? Are you sure this isn't a sensor within the mouse going bad? Try using a different mouse and see what happens. Also, if this is a wireless mouse, try a wired one. Perhaps it's wireless interference.
  4. Does the mouse just slowly creep to one side in a straight line, or does it actually move around the screen and try to "click" on items? If it just slowly moves, that happens from time to time with an optical mouse. I had one that did it almost every time the mouse was sitting still. If it is wireless, I agree with Hawkeye that it might be interference. A wired one should fix that issue.
  5. it is wired. And the movements have been specific e.g pausing my youtube videos, opening pages etc. I used webroot sweeper and that didn't come up with any results either.
  6. Well, I'd try a different mouse just to rule it out, but I'd still seriuosly consider reinstalling the OS. It's the only way to make sure it's not compromised.
  7. Would a system restore work? as in reversing everything to a previous time
  8. I don't think so, as most times it is recommended that you temporarily turn off restore points when trying to remove viruses/malware as they can get backed up by the restore point system. Turning restore points off automatically deletes all current restore points.
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