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I have a wireless vista 32 which cannot see other xp units wired directly to the wireless router. All units have "WORKGROUP" as their name group. Xp units have shared their file folders openly. The router is not secured. The router has been reset (wrt110) and units rebooted. The xp units talk to each other fine.
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  1. it can be because of the Antivirus and also the firewall that are not allowing the Vista to comunicate with the XP computer
  2. did u set your vista machine and sharing center to home network and make sure it is set to share!plus 1 for the firewall as stated above!
  3. I tried both reply's. not work. tried running the ip address of the xp unit ie: run-> and vista could not access the unit.
  4. I finally opted to download cisco's Network Magic and all is working fine now. Too bad it cost me $50.00 though.
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