Need optiarc dvd/rw AD5530A update

Can't use my stepnote 1502 install disc to read discs or dvd as registry is corrupt from windows update after reinstall.
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  1. Try using the install disk After cleaning the registry. CCleaner is good (and free) and has never crashed any of my systems. You can get it at:
  2. Thank you so much for the advise..but used CC Cleaner on the NC 1502 laptop and it wouldn't fix the missing registry problem of controlling the missing string of upper and lower filters n the Registry which controls the CD/RW drive..had to take the laptop to Staples Tech and they used a Tornado Data Transfer cable & onboard import of correct info to fix the error in the Registry by using Registry it cost me $74 toal to fix the problem..thanks for the help for the next time though and the link to fix any other problems...
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