replaced klipsch 5.1 originals with log z-5500 dig

Well what can i say the logitech are crap. The sub isnt even usable drowns out the sound of the music if you even have it turned on somewhat. the only thing i can say good about them that they look nice .
Instead of 300 dollars they should of been about 150 or so. I will just have to save up and get a receiver and a decent set of speakers to go with it.

well forgot i have this hooked up to a x-fi extreammusic..
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  1. Yup.

    I have a set of Klipsch 5.1 ultras, and they are a great sounding set of speakers.

    On paper, the Z-5500s "look" better and have more features.

    In the real world, the Klipsch's are a long way better.
  2. you know the vorlons where basicly the bad guys :)

    Yes i wish they would of fixed the defect with the sub going out i would of purchased another pair of klipsch again the sound was amazing :(
  3. The sub for the new Ultra's actually has been pretty much worked over, there is a new limiting servo in the amp/voice coil feedback loop that prevents over driving, it also dynamically adjusts amplifier voltage to compenate for voive coil impedence changes due to changing thermals as the coil heats up. - Effectively the driver is in the negative feedback loop of the amp - It's pretty much a blatent rip-off of the technology Yamaha uses in their YST series subs, but despite the questionable intelectual heritage of the curcuit, it works quite well.

    I have had no durability issues of any kind, at least up till now.
  4. Most people have very low standards on sound quality, that's why flash and style sells.
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