NETGEAR w.router stops working with security on

My wireless router (NETGEAR BEFW11S4 B) works fine when I turn the security WPA Pre shared key off, just like right now. But, whenever I turn it on, put a normal password say "wireless", I go in and change the network configuration in windows to WPA Personal, put the password "wireless", press connect, and thats it. Sometimes after making the change from no security to WPA it works, but after a couple of hours it just says that the wireless key is incorrect, at least thats the diagnose windows gives me. Any ideas?......I wouldnt mind not using a pw but...I dont want people stealing my internet.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Generally, if you select a passphrase and select WPA TSK encryption and then apply the same settings to the user interface for your wireless adapter you should have no problems.

    You don't mention which wireless adapter you are using and if it's a recent Intel laptop adapter (especially if you are using Vista) there can be new issues.

    If you cannot get WPA to work, try using WEP, though this is less secure and more complex to set up.

    Or you could go into the Netgear user interface Wireless Settings, Wireless Station Access list and apply MAC ID inclusion (which excludes all but your own wireless adapter). Not very secure but better than nothing.
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