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Writing Of A Remote Support Application

Hey Toms Guys, This is mostly for the developers, i hope i have this in the right section, sorry if it is wrong.

I am looking to develop a new remote desktop control app my one big question is on the streaming and what port i should preference to doing this i would like to use port 80 as it is the most versatile port however someone suggested port 8080, im not sure on the differences and whether is should rather use port 8080 this will be remote access across the net sorry im not to clued up with this stuff i am getting somebody else to develop the app for me. Please let me know.

Thank you for your time guys
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  1. Some ISP's block port 80 as they don't want you running a web server from home. This is why a lot of people will run it on port 8080.

    Lot's of home routers use port 8080 for remote admin, so you may get stuck there too. just pick some higher port number like 8086 or something. As long as both the client and server app are using the same port number it shouldn't be a problem.
  2. Hy Hawk. I think all service providers here in SA leave port 80 open as far as i am aware standard HTML port number. The problem is we are going to be using Delphi to write the script an this software will run similar to team viewer or VNC. its quiet a high end solution for corporate cliental, and needs to be extremely versatile and secure.
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    From a home users standpoint, port 80 outbound is open - it has to be because as you said, standard HTTP runs on port 80. Port 80 inbound is what is blocked by some ISP's here in the USA. They do the same for port 25 (SMTP - Email) to prevent people from running mail servers in their home. It's only some ISP's, not all.

    If your program will be strictly used in SA, then port 80 may be fine for you. If this is going to be an international application, port 80 may not work for you.
  4. Awesome i understand you reasoning that is something to consider thank you hawkeye, i still need to go through the basics before i make any final preparations you have been most helpful.
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