Does anyone know about LED's???

hey all first post here...

i got my new antec 900 last week and have pulled it apart already. :P

I wanna go with the whole neon green theme with my new build but the standard fans all have blue leds(so over the whole blue thing).

All i want to do is replace the blue leds for green ones but i wanna keep the fans still.

Does anyone know what type of leds i'll need and more so how to do this?
I know im going to need a soldering iron but ive never used one before so yea.

Also where can i even get lthe right leds from...

Help me plz....
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  1. LEDs are cheap and readily available from most electronics hobby outlets (i.e. Radio Shack in the US).

    Available colours: Red, green, blue, white, orange/yellow, UV, and maybe others. The brightest ones come with a water clear package. Available commonly in 3mm and 5mm sizes - both commonly used in fans.

    Caveat: If you wire them wrong way around, they won't come on.
  2. this is a little off topic, sorry looty, but is there a way to take out the leds on the antec 900 without replacing the led fans?
  3. it may be cheaper and easier to just buy new fans.

    there are 6000+ different LEDs
  4. i was thinking about jus getting new ones but i like the antec 3 speed fans that come with the i'll feel more of a personal achievement if i do it my self.... :D

    Also just to know how to do it in the future...
  5. easiest way then is to take a simple electronics class at the local community college.

    you'll learn about diodes and such and how to figure out what resistors you need.
  6. There's a company on eBay that sells 100 LEDs, very high Mcd (I think thats what it is..the brighness) and 100 resisters for 12v for 2 bucks....
    those LED's you want to replace are probablly already resisted somewhere in the circuit, but you could just solder in a resister then the new ones if you're not sure
  7. Sever the connections to the led on the fans. Then hotglue a green led onto the fan and run the power to the molex. At this point you'll have a green led but wont have to break a fan to get a change in color.
  8. A little on the expensive side, and time consuming - easier, and cheaper, go to the library for a beginners book on fundamentals.

    LEDs are a current device (almost make a good voltage regulator. Typical LEDs require approx 20 mills of current and have a voltage droop of approx 1.8 - 2 Volts. For a 12 Volt application: A series resistor of 510 ohms is need (12V - 1.8V)/.02 A = 510. If the LED is a 6V Led, the (12V - 6V) /.02A = a 300 Ohm resistor is required. The resistor is in series (not across) and can be in either leg. Super bright LED use higher Current, and not positive about forward voltage drop - normally listed on package

    If the LED is listed as 12 V, the the correct Restance is built it.
  9. Can't you just unsolder the existing LEDs off the fan and then put new LED there. That way, you won't need more resisters.
  10. Yes, as long as the LED is rated at 12V (The current limiting resitor is built in). Only LED's rated lower than the appled voltace require a added resistor.
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