Backup Software for Win 7 64 bit

Hey community, I'm seeking recommendations for backup software for Windows 7 64 bit. My relevant hardware is:
Crucial M4 128Gb SSD (system disk, apps, games)
Seagate Barracuda 1Tb HDD (data)

I will be backing up to either:
2x Seagate Barracuda 1Tb drives rotated through an external USB 3.0 enclosure (for added redundancy)
Seagate GoFlex 1.5Tb USB 3.0 external HDD

I heard from several forums that Acronis True Image Home 2011 has problems with Win 7 64. My goals are to create a disk image of my SSD and my data disk and to do regular incremental backups of both (pro ably 2x weekly).

Please help me decide. If you've had experience with Acronis TIH 2011 and Win 7 64, I'd e curious to know how it went. As always, thanks for your help.
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  1. What's wrong with the windows backup built into windows? I don't know about TI2011, but I have TI2009 and it works fine with windows 7 x64.
  2. Hawk - Win7x64 Backup doesn't work for me. I had to disable system protection to get the computer to respond. Now it works great, but of course, Backup will not work. Don;t ask me why - ask Microsoft.

    I need to reinstall Windows, and naturally, want a good backup first.

    Ergo - Win7 backup is useless in such a situation.

    So I reopen the question. Does anyone have a good working backup idea for Win7x64?

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