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I could assume that its a software limitation, but I need to ask this question regardless.

I have a rig that does one thing only, and that is receive all of the email for my entire company for security reasons. We call it the monitor or the log box. This machine runs Office 2003 and has a Xeon e5440 with 3GB of ram. Every day, I have to move all the email for an entire month into a pst and save it on our servers. Its around 60K emails per month and if I don't do it daily (which really its hard to keep tabs on it with everything else) then it becomes an endless task.

Is there something I can do that will make outlook respond better, or a process that will make it automatically send every email for a certain month into its desired PST??

Thanks for any suggestions!
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  1. You're not using a mail server setup for this? And the backups are only done once a month on that message store? Aside from being a bit confused by this setup, where is the slow part? Moving the mails to a PST or moving that over to the server? Is the PST file on the local computer, then you move it to the server or are the emails being copied to over the server directly? PST files are not the best method for storing emails, they are not very stable at times (at least from an enterprise viewpoint), become corrupt and unreadable. Maybe you should have a server admin take a look at this setup, it looks like it can stand a bunch of improving. Sounds like it was designed by a business person that uses a PC at home instead of a computer tech that has experience with email setups.

    Outlook is a bit slow moving emails, I move a few 100 at a time for my own use, and it can take several minutes at least. I don't think you will get much improvement with a bulk move.

    You can easily setup rules based on just about anything, including dates to be moved over to a PST. Auto-Archiving does that also. Setup an Archive task to be run automatically daily, that moves each mail that is 30 days old to the PST. That way each day it will move the emails over that are a month old.
  2. Quote:
    The Outlook application becomes extremely slow when the PST file gets too large in size as it is in your case. To get rid of this situation you need to split the file into multiple smaller files and work with each one of them independently. This can be done only with the help of an efficient and reliable PST file splitter like the Stellar PST file splitter. You can get more information about it at the link mentioned below:

    Nice AD! Or you could just create a blank PST and copy the emails over to that yourself. If that will even fix the issues. The main issue is that the procedure they have for storing and working emails is no good.
  3. If you are using earlier version of Outlook then it is your first duty to upgrade Office to 2010, it has larger capacity and in this way you will never further come across such a situation of small size Outlook file. Now If you have bulky size of PST file or Outlook then best way to resolve the problem is split the PST file in to small files and access it individually. If you know to split the PST file then it is OK, otherwise there software available to using which you can split the Outlook file quickly and safely.
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