Office Outlook 2003 Not Syncing Date And Time Correct

Hey Guys, How you all doing?

I have an issue that needs to be addressed any answers will be greatly appreciated.

The issue im having is as follows:

My client is using office outlook 2007 now when ever she receives mails today they fall in a tomorrow folder, now i know this is a time zone and date issue however i cannot seem to fix it, i change the time one and date in windows XP to the rate date and time zone, but this does not help i have tried re-installing office as well as repairing it the issue is still not resolved i think it might be XP not syncing the time zone properly with office outlook, please let me know if you guys come up with anything.
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  1. Do you have the update from MS to fix the daylight savings time change? Make sure all Windows updates and service packs to office are installed.

    And what do you mean they fall in a tomorrow folder, does this person have rules setup with folders? There is no "tomorrow folder" in Outlook, it must have been setup manually. Check the rules to make sure there is no type or bug in it.
  2. Hey hang sorry i did not word that correctly i meant a tomorrow filter in the inbox when you receive your mails in list form it give you when you received your mails by filter sort date, and there it falls under tomorrow with tomorrows date on all the received mails, and then tomorrows e-mails will become todays mail the following day. I have installed office 2003 and then moved over to office 2007 and it still give the same issue so its highly unlikely its the office as i have used 2 different versions of the office package.

    Thanks for the reply Hang
  3. Check the server (if running Exchange) and make sure the service packs are installed for Office. You said you had to change the date and time on the PC, was it off when you first checked it? It stays correct now?
  4. Hey Hang, they aren't running exchange they running a standard pop3, smtp mail account. The funniest thing now is that it receives correctly on the rite date but send mail on the incorrect date??? My client says its an on and off thing sometimes it works correctly other times it doesn't, im leaning towards some sort of virus a the moment will start scanning on Monday just to make sure.
  5. Should not be a virus, but could be an issue on the sender's site.
  6. I first thought that but not possible as this happens when receiving from different individuals across the board so thats a no go.
  7. If the service packs are all updated on the PC for Office, check with whoever provided the email service. What if you try using a web client or another PC with this?
  8. Will try that, clever thinking could be on the mail providers side i will give them a shout and find out. Thanks for the tip.
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