2Wire DSL Modem/router w/Linksys 4124 switch and Linksys WRT350N

I have a 2Wire 1701 DSL modem/router that has wireless and 4 wired ports; I also have a Linksys WRT350 router to get to the part of the house without either cables or a decent connection. I have a Linksys 4124 24port switch that I'm hoping may help me expand my home network.

How would it be possible to get all of the PCs in the house on the same network subnet and same workgroup?

Would I connect the switch to one of the 2Wire's ports and then connect the Linksys WRT350 to the switch?

I wouldn't mind giving up the wireless on the 2Wire since the Linksys is draft n compliant, so if I can get all PCs using wireless on the Linksys WRT350 able to share drives and files with all the wired PCs that would be ideal.

Any suggestions or referrals to any guides would be appreciated.
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  1. 2Wire modem/router ----> 24 port switch----> WRT350 router

    Turn off dhcp on the WRT350 router which will turn it into an access point. All ip addresses would then come from the 2Wire 1701 DSL modem/router.
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