My windows folder is 16.8 gb !

I was looking to regain some space on my laptop hardrive and started looking at the size of different folders.I noticed that my windows folder is 16.8 gb.
I believe it should only be about 3 -4 gb. looks like 2 folders in windows (winsxs more than 4.17gb) and system32 (more than 1 gb ) are pretty big but I dont know what specifically is doing it.I use ccleaner all the time so I dont think I've got temporary files not being deleted. I'm not sure what to delete

any help is deeply appreciated.
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  1. If you turn off system restore you will see you re-gain several gig of hard drive space. If you desperately need the space leave it turned off but you MUST remember you will not be able to roll back your system if you have any problems.
  2. Windows 7 Pro. My Windows folder is 15.1 GB.
  3. Just checked all of my systems window folders its amazing how much room it takes up with Vista being the worst offender

    vista premium laptop 11.7GB
    Vista ultimate PC 19.6 GB
    Windows XP PC 3.87GB
    Windows XP Netbook 3.63GB
  4. I remember Windows 3.1 using oooooohh at least 15 Megs
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