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i was handed a laptop and told that it's wireless didn't work, so i thought it would be an easy fix but so far no. i tried rebooting, uninstalling the wireless card, pinging the wireless card, several other things. but it responded like it was working like i pinged it and i got a response fast and so i don't think that the actuall card is broken, i also didn't notice any errors anywhere in device manager and obviously ping tests. but i get a wireless networks now found. so i thought that it was a hardware thing like a cable was knocked loose, but i just got inside the comp and everything looks fine. i think it's the wireless card in the upper right corner, but not sure. the cords run up into the screen like i have seen in dell and hp laptops. but it's beyond my troubleshooting and i'm about to buy an wireless card for it.

any suggestions?
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  1. From your description of the antenna cable it sounds like you have a wireless device -- if it's a mini-PCI format (removable card, interface resembles memory module) it may have some visible chips -- Intel or Broadcomm common choice for wireless cards.

    Presumably you have a wireless router to test it with.

    Just in case there are in fact no other wireless networks nearby you might try connecting to the router by ethernet cable and check that wireless access point is enabled in the router and SSID broadcast is not disabled.

    If you have no router may be possible to test by trying to create an ad hoc network with another wireless equipped computer.
  2. i have my laptop and this girls, the girls is broken mine is completely fine and i'm using it wirelessly to conect to the internet. so i know that it's the comp, either software or hardware. i had school so i couldn't try to install the drivers on the ubuntu live cd. but it did detect it and try to load the drivers, it also completely acknowledged it, just it didn't work. i'm kinda confused because wireless cards usually break for me by just not doing anything anymore, and this one is acting fine
  3. I don't think you previously mentioned using Ubuntu -- presumably on the machine which is giving wireless problems. I have seen another post regarding problems with Ubuntu and this particular laptop's wireless.

    I would try one or more of the following:
    (a) post something on a Ubuntu forum in case it's read by someone who has experience of the same combination

    (b) try a different type of Linux

    (c) install XP instead and within the period before you have to register you may establish whether wireless is working or not.
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