600W with 8800 and Q6600.

I want to get a Q6600 after the price cuts but I just thought I should ask the experts if my PSU can cope.

my specs would be.


8800GTS 640MB



2x1GB PC 6400 RAM

Gigabyte GS-965P-S3

Arctic Freezer 7 pro (i wont be overclocking)

also my case is a Gigabyte 3d Aurora and has 3 120mm LED fans.

I used the extreme PSU calculator thing but I didnt understand some of the options and it was a bit hit and miss, I owuld really be grateful if you could advise me on if I need to upgrade to a more powerful PSU :)
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  1. Yes, with that setup you have plenty of juice as long as it is the GAMEXStream 600.
  2. Any OCZ 600watt PSU will have more then enough power. Shoot, your rig could be powered by many of the 500 watt PSUs available.
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