Q6600 & Tuniq Tower 120?

Hello all,

After all of the resent fuss about the Q6600 and the millions of threads on the processor. Many have recommended water cooling for overclocking and have said alot about how it needs it for good overclocks(They just have not said what overclocks they are meaning to achieve.) Well I have a question about some specific numbers (sort of) I have decided that I just do not want water cooling. This is something I decided a while ago, but because of the quad almost changed my mind. So I have decided on the Tuniq Tower 120 since it isnt all that expensive and seems to perform well. My question is does anyone know of think that I may be able to take a Q6600 for 24+ hours orthos stable around 2.7ghz - 3.2ghz with this cooler. (The goal is really just 3ghz if possible.) My case is an Antec P180 and I have an Antec NeoHE 550w power supply. I do not use the side panel of my case just for xtra air flow. So there it is. Any thoughts or recommendations, I have heard alot of the Thermalright Xtreme combined with an S-Flex fan or something, but I cannot justify a $100 air cooling solution to myself. At that point I would probably consider water again. lol

Thanks in advance for the help!


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  1. Look for a poster named Graysky. He has written the beginners guide to OC-ing quads @ the top of this page. From what I remember he has a Q6600 @ 3.0 with a Thermalright 120 ultra and has pretty decent temps.However he did lap both heatsink and CPU to get there. For comparison here's Tuniq tower vs 120 extreme with OC-ed x6800.


    Tuniq tower should be able to keep temps reasonable.

  2. yes you can easily hit 3.0 with a tuniq tower and still have good enough temps.
  3. K, thx alot guys!


  4. Yeah, morerevs is right about the details. The Ultra-120 Extreme when lapped and when the CPU is lapped is a monster. Have a read through these threads:

    Lapping Ultra-120 Extreme
    Lapping Q6600
    Overclocking guide
  5. Yea I am having such a difficult time deciding what I want to do that I think I am just going to wait for penryn or phenom. I just sold my 3040 for $100 and bought an E6420 for $180. I hopefully will be able to hit 3.2ghz with a lower voltage than I needed with my 3040 @ 2.8ghz, which was pretty high by my standards (see the sig). So the xtra 400mhz and 2mb of cache with hopefully lower voltages will keep me happy for now. I once ran into a problem with the fury beta not allowing me to play because it said my processor didnt meet the requirements because it wasnt a core 2 duo, pentium or athlon. So those problems should be gone. It should suit me until a true quad winner emerges and more games are out for them. Thx for all the help guys!


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