dual band access point vs stand alone accesspoint

Im just curious about this topic that my friend raise us. We have 3 different accesspoint here in our office. 1 dual band AP, 1pc 2.4 GHz AP and 1pc 5.0Ghz.

This are our concerns.

dual band ( 5.0Ghz ) vs stand alone ( 5.0Ghz ) = who has greater signal or better connectivity?

dual band ( 2.4Ghz ) vs stand alone ( 2.4Ghz ) = who has greater signal or better connectivity?

Some of my friends said that it would be better using stand-alone AP because it has longer range than dual band. Dual band has shorter range because he will be transmitting 2 signal. Is this correct?
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  1. I guess it depends on your (dual-band) router, whether it is switching back and forth or running 2 frequencies at the same time. Read some here,

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