System startup feels slow.

I just built a computer (Core i5 2500K, 8 GB RAM, GeForce 570) and startup just feels slow. There's like 10 to 15 seconds before the login screen shows up where it's just the mouse pointer on a black background. After I log in it takes a little bit for everything to start up (Kaspersky, Steam, and the Intel RAID software all have to start). I mean, I try to launch Chrome as soon as I'm on the desktop and it doesn't start up right away. Should this happen?

I'm probably just being paranoid. I have to take this computer to college in about a week and I'm terrified that I'll find something wrong with it right before I leave. Has anyone experienced similar behavior? Am I overreacting?
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  1. And your HDD is which model? How much free space is there on the partition on which the OS is installed?
    The HDD plays a key role here, much bigger than the components you've listed
  2. I have two Samsung SpinPoint F3 1-TB drives in an Intel RAID 1 array.
  3. orange3 said:
    I have two Samsung SpinPoint F3 1-TB drives in an Intel RAID 1 array.

    Well, i don't know about the welcome screen responding so slow, but the rest seems alright, antivirus software, drivers etc all take a while to start, and you can't expect to launch a program/app immidietly after you log in. (except when you have a fast SSD :)) Wait for 5 secs, then you're good to go.
  4. if you have a lot of files on desktop they have to load as well before you can start doing things

    try installing smart defrag 2

    and do a "full defrag and fully optimise"

    that will speed it up

    (then do a boot defrag that speed's it up)
  5. Have the same problem with my Core2duo E7200. I defraged my hard drive, uninstalled all unnecessary programs, disabled all startup programs and services.But all in vain. Mine problem is a little bit similar to you.But after entering password, welcome screen appears for 7-10 seconds, then a black screen appears for 10-15 sec, then taskbar apears, then desktop wallpaper, then icons, then gadgets.And during all this time, my pc remains unusable.But after 2-3 minutes, it become fine.
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