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Hi All,
I'm reinstalling an Asus A8R-MVP motherboard. This is a replacement board for the one that died a few months back. Otherwise, same components, same case, same HD, same RAM...everything is the same, ok.

When I power up, the fans spin for about .5 seconds and then turn off immediately. I have to power off the power supply in order to achieve this same effect again, otherwise nothing happens when I re-press the ON button.

I started over and plugged in one thing at a time. I can get it to power up until I install either my PCIE graphics card, or my PCI sound card, OR one of the two case fans (3 pin). One case fan works fine, the other causes the grounding issue. (I'm assuming it's some sort of grounding issue)
I've looked carefully, and the PCI cards are not coming into contact with any part of the board that it isn't supposed to.

Any ideas?
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  1. Please help.
  2. doesn't sound like grounding, more like a short... check the connections everywhere. and make sure the board it clean.

    also, have you tried resetting the bios?
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