Can i delete these programs from my computer??

here is a list of programs that are on my computer. these are the ones i dont rememberdownloading or they came with the laptop (asus g73 jh 5870 bestbuy model)

so can i delete all of these or are there some that i have to have to make things run right??

apple application support
apple mobile device support
apple sorfware update

asus ai recovery
asus fancystart
asus power4gear hybrid
asus smartlogon
asus splendid video enhancement technology

atk package

bonjour (apple)

controldek (asus)

creative mediasourse 5

dotfuscator software services - comumity eddition (preempive solutions)

express gate (deviceVM inc)

fast boot (asus)

feedback tool (microsoft)

feedback tool (microsoft)

intel wimax tutorial

intel wimax software framework 11 framework 4 client profile framework 4 extended framework 4 multi targeting pack

pando media booster 1.13
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  1. Don't need some of them!
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