10 minutes of play, freeze, restart, repeat

Here's the scoop: When playing games I just get started and within 10 minutes the system freezes up tight, can't cntrl-alt-del, nothing. Have to hard boot.

System: AMD 900Mhz
256megs Crucial RAM pc133
Soundblaster Live card
Geforce2 64meg pro
running WinME

Specific games, Diablo2, Star Trek Elite Force, Half-Life, The Sims, and Quake 2

Things I've tried,
changed out the RAM, sound card, video card, and updated all drivers, checked for heat problems but the system runs well below critical levels.

Last thing, the system is 100% stable other than playing games. I can pound on excel, word, etc. Leave it on forever with no problems. Surf the web, downloads, anything and everything... I just can't play games. It is driving me insane.

Is there a way to log what is happening when I am playing so I can see what's up?
Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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  1. what is 'well below critical levels'? That's a very subjective statement.

    Have you tried a different OS - Me is pretty lame.

    Are you overclocking?

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  2. Me could be an issue, but first I'd check out DirectX. It's probably about the only thing that your games all have in common but nothing else does. Run dxconfig and look for errors. If there's nothing there, then download a different version of it. You probably have 8.0, but I'm just guessing. Go find 8.0a or 8.1. If that doesn't work, then get a copy of W2k from a friend. That's what I did (course, I didn't have the same problem).

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  3. tried several copies of DirectX to no avail. I'm starting to agree that it could be the OS, but I just didn't want to do a new install until I had exausted all other avenues.

    To answer the other post, I don't overclock and I don't remember the exact temps each time but it is always below 110F - 120F every time I've checked it.

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  4. If everything else is running fine it sounds like a problem between your system and your video card. Start checking to see if there is a 4in1 driver to help you out or a possible Bios Flash. Just whatever you do dont use Via 4.28 drivers.

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  5. Yeah, probably the video card drivers. I'm thinking it's some sort of OpenGL or Direct3D problem, but who knows.

    Apple? Macintosh? What are these strange words you speak?
  6. Did you try remove Sound card and uninstall the driver for SB live and reinstall the onboard sound chip (I assume you have one). I remember found somewhere in the forum about conflict between certain Via chipset with SB live but I can be wrong. Anyway, I suggest the following steps to diagnos the problems

    1. Try install W2K (clean would be the best way to start) since W2K is very stable and it work with Diablo2. If this solve your problem then it may be WinME junky OS. Then try install WinME (clean install) and follow by appropriate drivers install (don't forget Via 4in1). If this doesn't help go to step 2.

    2. Try remove SB Live and remove its driver as well. Reboot and run the game. If this doesn't help, then go to step 3.

    3. If you have the onboard graphic chipsets, remove all of it drivers (I used to play on my old IBM with SiS chipsets and need to uninstall all of it drivers before my ATI Radeon work properly). Go to Driver manager and look for these drivers and remove them. Also look in the Bios and check that the Bios detect your GF. If this doesn't work, then good luck =) It always work for me when I reformat my hard drive and install OS fresh with everything else.

    Make sure you install everything in a proper step. Disable any onboard chips that you don't want to use or will conflict with your new hardware first (I usually just start Window first with default setting with onboard graphic and sound, then uninstall them before shut down and put in my Radeon).

    Hope this help =)
  7. Do you have some devices that share the same IRQ?

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  8. I'm going to get a copy of W2K soon. Tried all the soundcard suggestions to no avail. Also tried another video card, same problem. I'll post back after I get a clean install done. I think I'm dreading the re-install of all my software the most... there goes a weekend.

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