Greetings all!
What is this file? Is it a virus? Should I delete it? It is located in my Windows/system dir of Win ME.
Thanks in advance!
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  1. Try to check it with a virus scanner like PCCillin... Furthermore if you don't 'run' it,it cannot do any more damage than it might have already done... just leave it then.
  2. It is a virus. Run Norton Antivirus, it should detect it. Also, check your startup folder to see if there is a network program in there. If so, you do have a virus.
    It is possible that it may not be a virus. It is a visual basic script file which can be just a regular file.
    But if you have been on Mirc or other chat channels or are connected to a LAN and have a network program in your start-up folder, it is the network.vbs virus.
    You need to run Norton to be sure.
    I had this virus once, it was a pain to get rid of.
    If you are on a LAN or go into chat channels like Mirc with a fast connection, you need to get a firewall and have Norton Antivirus when you are in the channels.
  3. Hmmmm, I have had this file appear also on my drive, It was a virus, I believe it was copied to the startup folder. One way to avoid it is to share only certain directorys on your boot drive and protect them with a password! Do not share the entire boot drive and not the startup or windows folder... I have a habit now after installing windows on a network always checking my startup folder before rebooting when I have all of C: shared....
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