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So my laptop has been runing all cool for almost a year but recently its been a little slow. NOT ALL THE TIME. It runs fine and boots up fine but occasionally it will get so slow and laggy that programs stop responding. The computer eventually locks up and im forced to hard shut down.

Ive done a massive clean and a number o scans with different programs for multiple things. (ill also be running a defragmentation soon) BUT in my investigations i found three files that looked a little suspicious.

I went to msconfig then startup and this is how i found them.

the two files that are on start up are
Name: Manufacturer: Command: Location:

Service | Unknown | Service.exe | HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run


servicess | Unknown | servicesz.exe
Same location

Are these things i should be worried about, and if so how do i go about getting rid of them?
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  1. Whenever Windows recognises any failure either software/Hardware it makes a entry in the system log. And when you start your machine again this system log entry will be checked and Windows will try to search for a possible solution / or try to analyse the causes of failure.How to check this..

    Click ctrl + alt + del – Open your task manager and click processes. And see how much memory the process services.exe is using, If it exceeds say 10%, you can be sure you are having the diagnostic problem.In the below picture the services.exe is running normally.

    Now to the solution .. Go to Control Panel, click Administrative tools. In Administrative tools select Event Viewer, there will three event logs on left side namely Application,Security and System. Select each one of them separately and right click. In the menu click Clear All Events. When Prompt asks for saving log click No. Do the same thing for the three categories.

    Basically you have cleared all your system logs.So once you restart your Windows your servies should show only 1-5% usage. And most probably your problem should be solved.
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