C drive suddenly bloated

I recently installed some Adobe products and over the past month or so, other prog's. Suddenly there is very little space left on C drive [boot]. There is usually about 14 gigd of space but not now. I have no way put even 10 gigs of new prog's on.

have gone through Avira premium to check and other trojan hunters and have found nothing alarming.

What can I do to find out where the bloat is coming from. Are there programs that can tell me what is safe to uninstall.
I've dumped the temp folders and thats not fixing the issue.

I've got less than a gig left.
help is appreciated.
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  1. Which temp folders did you check? There's one in your user profile as well as the one inside the windows folder.

    This could also be a MFT issue with you NTFS. Try running a check disk - "chkdsk /f". It will ask to perform the scan on a reboot. This will fix the MFT table and free space if there are any issues.

    Heads up Adobe products do take up quite a bit of space, but shouldn't take up 10-14GB.
  2. Delete a few System Restore points.
  3. Ijack said:
    Delete a few System Restore points.

    System Restore is turned off...for virus / malware protection
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