Antec P180 Front Door Modding...

I'm considering of getting a P180 or P182SE ..

I want to be able to have magnets stick on the front panel for a mod of mines...

Is it easier to just take apart the layers of the front door and put magnetic stickies as a friend suggested and it would save me 80 dollars from the special edition ..

Since the P182SE front door is made of steel itself...I wouldn't have to worry about it ...

Can anyone suggest any other alternatives?
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  1. i suggest you dont try to peel the front panel aluminum off, the thing is hell to cut also as you might melt the plastic in the centre. if somehow you do manage to get the first layer of al. off, what would those magnetic stickies be? they might wreck the asthetics of the case.

    and and i thought the 182SE was chrome?

    ether way, i really dont suggest you trying to peel the metal off.
  2. The P182se is made of stainless steel. Some types of stainless steel are non-magnetic. You should find out if it is magnetic first if you decide to buy it.
  3. thanks for the help....I suppose maybe a forum member might have the case?...considering this is such a big community..

    If so , do you mind answering me if the stainless steel found on the case door is magnetic?

    thanks :D
  4. Sure... magnets on the front of a p180.
    Why not give the Mona Lisa a moustach while ur at it
  5. Quote:
    Sure... magnets on the front of a p180.
    Why not give the Mona Lisa a moustach while ur at it

    the magnets serve as a purpose so that the initial mod stays on ...I don't feel like using glue , superglue , tape or any of the sort...

    I shouldn't really say mod...

    but more like I want to decorate the outer part of the case ...
  6. Magnets are bad for hard disks.

    I wouldn't use them.
  7. Is it me.. or is Magnets around a PC.. Not very smart..
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