Antenna upgrade, how many on n router?

Hi, this is my first post.

I've recently set up a wireless network at my folks house. Basicaly it's a D-Link DIR-635 "n" router, connected via ethernet to a PC and the other PC connected via wireless on a D-Link DWA-547 "n" PCI-adapter.

The signal is barely working.

I am going to try fixing it, as soon as I can (they live in another city), by changing channels or testing to see if the connection is on N mode or G mode.

Anyway, in case I need to upgrade my antennas, I have certain doubts...

Well, both the router and the PCI card have three antennas each, all 2dbi intensity... In order to get a light boost on the signal, do I have to change all three of the router? Can I change just one? Should I change one on the PCI card also? 2 antennas - 1 on router and 1 on card? Do you people get my point?

Any insights are welcome!

Thanks for your patience on the newbie here!

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  1. You plan on upgrading how many antennas ? Frankly I'm dubious about the value of hi-gain antennas as they merely exchange gain for critical directionality. Which won't help if the problem is your home has foil insulated dry wall.

    For that money I'd start looking at alternatives such as mains plug networking -- or why not just ethernet cable ?

    If you want to persist with wireless try raising the router above furniture level or better, place both router and computers close to windows on the same side of the building -- wireless travels better thru air than thru building materials.
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