Computer won't boot up

Okay, my computer won't boot up at all anymore.

ASUS P5B deluxe mobo
E6600 chip
x1900xtx video card
Raptor hardrive (120gb), don't remember the model.
and hyper power supply with modular cables
+1 120mm fan
2 80mm fans in back
1 80mm fan on side
1 dvd drive

What happens is the computer starts up, but nothing ever appears. Then if I leave it on for ~ a minute the power seems to fade out. (the lights start to flicker and go dim, th en everything shuts off) it will "restart" but only with the same effects. Is there a chance it could be anything other than the power supply?
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  1. A computer does need power to run.
  2. Do you see anything on the screen? Does it post? Is it set to boot of flash or removable disk drive? If it is unplug your ipod from the computer on boot. To fix this go into bios and change the boot priority.

    By the sounds of it you might have a short somewhere. Make sure all the cables are connected and nothing is scratched or otherwise. If you don't spot anything only plug in the vital power connectors (8-pin, 24pin, and hdd) and see if that gets you anywhere. In the end though the solution is probably the simplest one, and that is a bad PSU.
  3. When I first turned on the computer, it worked fine. Then I put the system on standby. When I got back, I put my flash-drive in their first without rebooting the computer. When turned on, the screen wouldn't respond to the computer and the computer just kept blowing air in the back. I tried restarting it by turning the power plug off, but it just does the same thing.
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