How to get rid of the Ubuntu boot option.

I installed the Ubuntu OS on my Pc but later on I uninstalled it.
Now when I start my pc a Windows Boot Manager always appears and asking me to choose between Microsoft Windows Vista and Ubuntu even the Ubuntu is not there.
Can someone tell me what to do to get rid of the Ubuntu option in the Boot Manager.
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  1. Not sure how to configure GRUB, if that's what you're now using for your boot manager.

    On a Windows installation, you can open an elevated command prompt (type CMD in the search box, right click the result and choose "Run As Administrator". ) From there, type: msconfig and press the enter key. On the boot tab, you may choose to delete entries you don't want.

    But like I said above: If you're using GRUB, then you likely won't be able to do that. Someone else may/should be more familiar with various Linux distros and how to use GRUB, but I would have to start here: and look for documentation.

    Alternatively, you can boot to your Windows DVD, select 'Install", and then the "Repair" option on the second screen. From that point, it's the usual "OK... OK... OK DAMMIT.... Restart" routine. That should wipe the GRUB loader and replace it with Vista's.
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