Connect two routers via wifi?

I have a wireless router connected to my current cable modem, and it works fine. However, I would like to set up several computers in a location that is within wireless range, but where it is impractical to run ethernet cables from my current router. I could purchase PCI wireless cards for each of them, but that seams wasteful and expensive. Do routers exist that accept wireless as an input?

Something like:
Modem - wired - Router - wireless - Router - wired - Computer
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  1. You need a wireless bridge.

  2. To do what you propose you have to make sure the router(s) support WDS and there are other complications.

    I think the adapter approach would be less problematic -- especially as most wireless routers cost about three times the price of the cheapest wireless adapter.
  3. I have a similar question. Sorry if it's been asked before elsewhere, but I can't seem to find an answer that directly applies.

    I work on a Macbook in my home office, and I access the Internet wirelessly, but feebly, via a Linksys WRT54G (v2.00.08 firmware) located in a distant room in the house. I would like to boost the signal in my office, via an AP or something, but the distance to the WRT54G is too far to run a cable between.

    However, I have a WRTP54G router (v1.00.62 firmware) sitting around gathering dust, and so I wonder:

    1) Is there a way to set up my WRTP54G as a wireless access point in my office, to boost the remote signal? If so, how? (Step-by-step would be helpful, as I know zero about networking.)

    2) Once that's accomplished, can I use the WRTP54G to install a wireless printer in my office? Or would I still be required to plug the printer in to the remote WRT54G?

    Thanks for any and all help...
  4. qzerp: you need what I would call a repeater -- a device which takes existing wireless signal and re-emits it.

    I'm not sure what the correct technical term is but for simplicity's sake I'd stick with Linksys. Have a look at their site and post a query with their tech help guys or on their forum -- though it's the dumb kind where you have to buy a product before they'll let you post, a search may reveal a useful existing answer.
  5. is your answer change the Firmware and voalia you have wifi possibility
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